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Thu Jun 2 11:48:00 PDT 2016

Mehdi Amini via llvm-dev <llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org> writes:

>> How do you get monotonically increasing number with a history graph?
> I think what we're trying to get is a "pushed" revision number,
> i.e. tracking the state of the upstream repositories at a given time.

Ah, that is something else entirely.  We use Stash/BitBucket here and it
numbers pull requests monotonically.  That numbering reflects when the
PR is created, NOT when it is merged, though.

>> You can simply disallow merges I guess but that seems not much better
>> than just sticking with SVN.  GitHub's pull request model kind of breaks
>> down if you can't do merges.
> Github has an automatic "squashed" mode for pull requests now, I
> haven't tested in practice but it may help.

IMHO squashed commits are a bad idea from a bisect perspective.  One of
the great benefits of git is the easy of creating small,
logically-independent commits that can be bisected.  Squashing
eliminates that advantage.

An automatic rebase of the branch and fast-forward merge would be a fine
way to maintain linear history.  I have no idea how/if GitHub supports
that though.


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