[llvm-dev] Reasoning about results of min and max with a constant

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> Hi all,
> Say we have this IR:
> %1 = icmp slt i16 %x, 0
> %.x = select i1 %1, i16 0, i16 %x
> This is the canonical form of what is effectively max(x, 0).
> From what I can tell LLVM has no facilities to determine from this code
> that %.x >= 0, so (for example) an SExt on %.x will not be converted to a
> ZExt.
> I'm interested in seeing what sorts of changes would be needed to
> recognize this pattern in existing facilities (computeKnownBits, etc.) in
> order to more broadly apply optimizations that use those facilities.

computeKnownBitsFromOperator is where the logic would go.  You'd
call matchSelectPattern with the select and if it gave back SPF_SMAX with
the RHS being zero, you'd know that it's a signed max with zero.

> Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
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