[llvm-dev] [RFC] One or many git repositories?

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> > Even then, are we seriously ignoring the fact that even if you did clone
> > the whole repository including everything, that you can still build just
> > the libc++ and sanitiser runtimes if you wanted to?
> Is it that easy to build a subset of a large checked-out tree?  I haven't
> tried it but my impression is: not so much.  Certainly the advertised
> tactics for configuring/building don't tell you how to do that.  Somebody
> figuring out what it takes would be very constructive here, instead of
> just asserting it can't possibly be that hard.

Right now, no. The build system assumes that if you checked someone out
then you want to build it.

This needs to change.

 I believe David Chisnall up-thread cited a difference in checkout times

> on the order of a handful of seconds versus a couple of minutes.  While
> naively it might seem not a big deal, over time and depending on what you
> are trying to do yes it can be a big burden

That's a one time cost, not every time you do an update.
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