[llvm-dev] [RFC] One or many git repositories?

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> FWIW my answers to these are:
> 1) Yes to unified history.  The main advantage of non-unified history
> is that it's easier for people to import old branches -- it's a matter
> of "git merge" instead of running the git filter-branch script I
> wrote.  But this is a relatively small (~20 minute) one-time cost to
> some of us, whereas our repository history is born by all of us
> forever.  Moreover unified history also helps people with long-running
> branches, as it lets them check out old versions of their branch and
> get a compatible version of all of the other llvm subprojects.

I strongly agree about this.

> 2) Yes to nested layout.  I find Chandler and Richard Smith's
> arguments compelling.

I think it is important to note what Richard pointed out: *we will almost
certainly restructure the tree to make more sense in a monorepo*.

I think the result is actually very likely to look much more flat than the
current layout, and to also be significantly superior to any of the current

I just don't want people to think this locks us into a particular nested
layout for all time.
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