[llvm-dev] HEAD compilation causes gcc internal error

Matt Arsenault via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jul 22 14:22:41 PDT 2016

> On Jul 22, 2016, at 14:18, Welson Sun via llvm-dev <llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:
> After worked around the problem in SimplifyCFG.cpp (calling isCast() instead of comparing opcode), I hit another gcc crash for FunctionImport.cpp line 480, which I have no idea what's wrong with the code. "Luckily", I found gcc4.8.2 and gave it a try, both crashes are gone.
> New problem though:
> /llvm-clang-trunk/src/tools/clang/lib/CodeGen/CGBuiltin.cpp: In member function ?llvm::Value* clang::CodeGen::CodeGenFunction::EmitAMDGPUBuiltinExpr(unsigned int, const clang::CallExpr*)?:
> /llvm-clang-trunk/src/tools/clang/lib/CodeGen/CGBuiltin.cpp:7283:39: error: ?r600_rsq? is not a member of ?llvm::Intrinsic?
>      return emitUnaryBuiltin(*this, E, Intrinsic::r600_rsq);
>                                        ^
> /llvm-clang-trunk/src/tools/clang/lib/CodeGen/CGBuiltin.cpp:7289:39: error: ?AMDGPU_ldexp? is not a member of ?llvm::Intrinsic?
>      return emitFPIntBuiltin(*this, E, Intrinsic::AMDGPU_ldexp);
>                                        ^
> Actually, if I didn't configure to target AMDGPU, why bothering compiling these code?

Your clang is out of date. Intrinsics for all targets for now are included in every build
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