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> Having read through the entire thread and thought about this for a while,
> here are my thoughts:
>  * A single monolithic repository has quite a lot of advantages, some
> because of what it is (for instance, you can make atomic cross-project
> commits), and some because of what it isn't (keeping the repositories
> separate creates synchronization problems for version-locked components,
> and it's not clear to me that we have a good answer for these problems)
>  * A single repository from which we can build a complete LLVM toolchain,
> without requiring checking out a dozen components in seemingly-random
> locations, would be valuable. The default behavior for someone checking out
> and building the LLVM project should be that they get a complete,
> fully-functional toolchain.
>  * We need to preserve and maintain the easy ability to mix and match LLVM
> components with other components (other C runtime libraries, C++ ABI
> libraries, C++ standard libraries, linkers, debuggers, ...). That means
> that it needs to be obvious what the boundaries of the optional components
> are, which means that the current project layout (the one implied by the
> build system) is not good enough for a monolithic repository (LLVM tests
> will fail if you don't check out llvm/tools/opt, but we presumably want to
> explicitly support not checking out llvm/tools/clang) -- unless we have
> extensive documentation covering this, and even then there are likely to be
> discoverability issues.
> However, the move to git and the reorganization need not be done at the
> same time, and it seems vastly easier to reorganize *after* we move to a
> monolithic git repository -- it would then be essentially trivial for each
> person with organizational ideas to move the code around in their
> monolithic git repository, push it somewhere where we can all look at it,
> and for us to then make an informed choice about the layout, with a
> concrete example in front of us. Then we push the selected new layout; git
> supports this really nicely if all the parts are already in a single
> repository.
> So here's what I would suggest:
> - we move to a monolithic git repository on github
> - this monolithic repository contains all the LLVM subprojects necessary
> to build a complete toolchain, including libc++ and other pieces that are
> not version-locked to llvm or clang
> - the initial structure exactly matches the current layout implied by the
> build system (clang in tools/clang, lld in tools/lld, compiler-rt in
> runtimes/compiler-rt, libc++ in projects/libcxx, and so on)
> - after we transition to git, interested parties assemble and upload to
> github patches reorganizing the project structure, and we have another
> discussion about principles for the restructuring (including forming solid
> guidance for how to organize future additions to LLVM), with reference to
> the patches so we can look at the proposed new layout; we pick one and
> commit it
> The goal would be to have the new layout entirely settled by the time 4.0
> branches.

Strong +1 to all of this. It was what I was trying to suggest, but more
explicitly written.
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