[llvm-dev] InlineAsm and allocation to wrong register for indirect access

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I'm not sure where this decision is done but it's possible that there's no constraint-specific selection of register classes for memory operands at the moment in which case it probably uses ${Target}RegisterInfo::getPointerRegClass() without checking the constraint code. I had a similar problem with constraint-specific offset ranges a year or so ago and found that all memory constraints were hardcoded to be 'm' regardless of the constraint in the inline assembly statement.

Here's a couple things to look for that might help you find the right code: If you search for getFlagWordForMem() you'll find the code that passes the constraint id (Constraint_m, Constraint_ZC, etc.) into SelectionDAG's ISD::INLINEASM node and https://reviews.llvm.org/rL275786 made the constraint available to the TargetOpcode::INLINEASM instruction. Also, register constraints pick the register class (and sometimes the register too) in ${Target}TargetLowering::getRegForInlineAsmConstraint().

Hope that helps

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> Hi,
> I am seeing a case, in a private port, of an inline asm with indirect
> memory references being allocated invalid registers (i.e. registers that
> cannot be used on loads).
> For example, the inline asm constraint is correct:
> call void asm sideeffect "MOV $$r0,  $0\0AMOV $$r0,  $1\0A",
> "*m,*m,~{r0}"(i16* @a, i16* %b) #1, !srcloc !1
> but then $0 and $1 are allocated to registers that cannot be used as a
> memory base pointer.
> I am having trouble finding where this decision is made. Is InlineAsm
> going through the normal register allocation process or does it have its
> own specialized algorithm?
> Any pointers to how registers are allocated in an InlineAsm would be
> helpful.
> Kind regards,
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> Paulo Matos
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