[llvm-dev] [llvm-toolchain v3.8.1] LTO: Linking clang hangs with ld.gold and LLVMgold.so plugin

Sedat Dilek via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jul 21 03:01:59 PDT 2016


unfortunately, my build somehow hangs when linking clang binary and my
system is in an unusable state.

My toolchain is clang-3.8, gold-1.11 and LLVMgold.so from binutils
v2.26.1 (both selfmade) and LTO-flag is enabled.
My buildsystem uses cmake-3.6.0 and ninja-1.7.1 (both prebuilt).
I have 52 last steps left in my 3rd build.

My Linux-kernel is v3.13.0-92 from official Ubuntu repositories.

On my Ubuntu/precise AMD64 I have ***4GiB RAM and 256MiB SWAP***.
Is this not enough RAM/SWAP for building/linking?

Need some additional informations?

Any help appreciated.

- Sedat -

[1] http://llvm.org/docs/GoldPlugin.html

P.S.: More informations...

[ First toolchain build ]

I built a 1st llvm-toolchain v3.8.1 with GCC v4.9.2 and binutils v2.22.
No speedup settings, no extra-patches applied etc.

[ Selfmade binutils ]

As binutils v2.22 was somehow not able to generate a LLVMgold.so on
Ubuntu/precise AMD64, I have built binutils v2.26.1 manually and use
all its binaries for building/linking (GOLD for linking).

[ 2nd llvm-toolchain LLVMgold.so ]

In a 2nd llvm-toolchain v3.8.1 build a LLVMgold.so was generated.
I placed LLVMgold.so into my selfmade
/opt/binutils-2.26.1/lib/bfd-plugins/ directory.
( I had to create a bfd-plugins subdir manually. )

[ 3rd llvm-toolchain LTO ]

Now, I am able with backported LTO-flag from upstream to build with '-flto'.

- EOT -

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