[llvm-dev] Recompile (and re-link) a function at runtime using ORC JIT for an ARM platform

Gavin Vaz via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jul 15 01:41:38 PDT 2016


We are making the move from legacy JIT (llvm-3.5.x) to ORC JIT and I am 
looking to recompile (and re-link) functions at runtime for an ARM 
platform (Odroid XU3) . I looked at OrcLazyJIT.cpp as a starting point. 
However, after going through the code, it appears that the 
createCompileCallbackMgr (llvm-3.8.0) / 
createLocalCompileCallbackManager (llvm-git) do not support an ARM 
triple yet.

Does anyone know if ARM will be supported in the future and/or point me 
in the right direction?



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