[llvm-dev] IPRA, interprocedural register allocation, question

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               Bravo, Well done Mr Amini !

Ordinarily I would find adding “static” to all functions objectionable,
We’re doing whole-program compilation and optimization, and don’t
use a linker, so “static” currently doesn’t appear anywhere in our sources.
And I view “static” as not really part of the language, rather more
of a linker directive.   But we really only have a small handful of real-time
performance critical functions, it will be trivial to declare them static.

--Peter Lawrence.

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Subject: Re: [llvm-dev] IPRA, interprocedural register allocation, question

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             I apologize if you took my original email as a request for implementation,
I meant to be asking what is already available, I think the answer to that
is the ‘preserves_most’ and ‘preserves_all’ attributes, but I will also
Use ‘regmask’ if those prove to be too sub-optimal.

I am still interested in figuring out the necessary and sufficient conditions
For LLC to do optimal IPRA when given a “whole program”
(as per my previous definition of “whole program”),
As opposed to how to accomplish this with LTO,

Easy: mark *all* of your function “static” (or “internal” in LLVM denomination).

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