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I am trying to use the CloneFunction from llvm/Transforms/Utils/Cloning.h
and I don't understand how the ValueToValueMapTy argument should be
initialized. For instance, let say I want to clone this function (to add an

define void @function(i32 %i) #0 {
  %i.addr = alloca i32, align 4
  store i32 %i, i32* %i.addr, align 4
  ret void

to another function which should, after the CloneFunction, be like:

define void @cloned_function(i32 %i, i8* %ptr) #0 {
  %i.addr = alloca i32, align 4
  store i32 %i, i32* %i.addr, align 4
  ret void

To do so, I first declared the clone_function with its arguments into the
module then I should call CloneFunction like:

Function *function = M.getFunction("function");
Function *cloned_function = M.getFunction("cloned_function");
cloned_function = CloneFunction(
    false /* or true? didn't get the difference */

The question is how should I setup VM so that the job is correctly done? I
assumed I had to link arguments from function to their equivalent in
cloned_function but I don't see why VM should contain pair<Value*, WeakVH>
instead of pair<Value*, Value*>...

Thank you for the help,
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