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> >> For ISO C++ we long ago created an 'all' list for topics that were
> organisational and not technically specific to an aspect of the Standard
> such as Library, or Core, or Extensions, etc..  For the most part I think
> that since the early 1990s when these lists started, the 'all'
> reflector/distribution-list has worked really well.  I still get all the
> ISO C++ mailings, and the signal to noise ratio is pretty good in this
> regard.
> >
> > +1 for an “llvm-project” list that everyone involved in any llvm
> subproject is encouraged to sign up for.
> Another +1 from me.  The llvm-dev and cfe-dev lists are both firehoses and
> a lot of people on the periphery of the community don’t subscribe to them
> for this reason (which is not a negative, it’s a sign of a healthy and
> active project).  A lower-traffic list for everyone in the community would
> be very useful.
> David
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In Free Pascal Compiler mailing lists ,


there is a mailing list for all  OFF TOPIC subjects :


When a subscriber is sent a message to "fpc-other" , there is no fear that
it will be considered "off topic" , because its existence is for "off
topic" messages .

In other lists , when a thread is converted to an "off topic" conversation
, a list administrator is kindly requesting that "please move this
discussion to fpc-other list" .

So much easy .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk
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