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For ISO C++ we long ago created an 'all' list for topics that were organisational and not technically specific to an aspect of the Standard such as Library, or Core, or Extensions, etc..  For the most part I think that since the early 1990s when these lists started, the 'all' reflector/distribution-list has worked really well.  I still get all the ISO C++ mailings, and the signal to noise ratio is pretty good in this regard.

For topics such as GIT versus SVN hosting, or code of conduct, and such like (even social events!); the use of a separate list is well justified and means that we can automatically filter and manage our emails in a more useful way.

Hal's 'community' suggestion is essentially the same thing as the ISO C++ 'all' list, and it has worked really well over the years and I'd definitely favour that approach.


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> Dear All,
> Within the past few months, there have been several discussions that 
> relate to LLVM and its sub-projects (such as the discussions on moving 
> to Git and the Code of Conduct).  To ensure that these discussions 
> reach all community members, people have been cross-posting these 
> messages to llvmdev, cfe-dev, and every other -dev you can think of.
> This is becoming a headache for me (and possibly other mailing list
> admins) because replies are often sent to every list, but not all 
> users are subscribed to every list.  As a result, we're moderating 
> messages for people because they're subscribed to llvm-dev but not 
> openmp-dev, or they are on cfe-dev but not llvm-dev, etc.
> Can we keep these policy discussions on llvm-dev and just expect 
> people to subscribe to llvm-dev if they want to particpate? 
> Alternatively, could we create a new mailing list for these 
> discussions?
> I'd rather spend time moderating first-poster posts and discarding 
> SPAM than ensuring that all of you can post to all the lists.

Perhaps this is the easiest solution: Make it so that anyone subscribed to any of the -dev lists can post to all of them.

Alternatively, we could have a "community" list to which anyone subscribed to any of the -dev lists is automatically subscribed.

We have a lot of people who are subscribed, for example, to cfe-dev and not to llvm-dev, and I'm not sure that making them received backend-related messages just to catch community-wide discussions is reasonable.


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