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> Subject: [llvm-dev] Suggestion to Stop Cross Posting Discussions
> Dear All,
> Within the past few months, there have been several discussions that
> relate to LLVM and its sub-projects (such as the discussions on
> moving
> to Git and the Code of Conduct).  To ensure that these discussions
> reach
> all community members, people have been cross-posting these messages
> to
> llvmdev, cfe-dev, and every other -dev you can think of.
> This is becoming a headache for me (and possibly other mailing list
> admins) because replies are often sent to every list, but not all
> users
> are subscribed to every list.  As a result, we're moderating messages
> for people because they're subscribed to llvm-dev but not openmp-dev,
> or
> they are on cfe-dev but not llvm-dev, etc.
> Can we keep these policy discussions on llvm-dev and just expect
> people
> to subscribe to llvm-dev if they want to particpate? Alternatively,
> could we create a new mailing list for these discussions?
> I'd rather spend time moderating first-poster posts and discarding
> than ensuring that all of you can post to all the lists.

Perhaps this is the easiest solution: Make it so that anyone subscribed to any of the -dev lists can post to all of them.

Alternatively, we could have a "community" list to which anyone subscribed to any of the -dev lists is automatically subscribed.

We have a lot of people who are subscribed, for example, to cfe-dev and not to llvm-dev, and I'm not sure that making them received backend-related messages just to catch community-wide discussions is reasonable.


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