[llvm-dev] lld as ld replacement on Windows (with MinGW)

Otto Tronarp via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Feb 29 08:33:32 PST 2016


I couldn’t find a lld specific list so I hope this is the correct place for
lld questions.

I would like to build a llvm/clang/libcxx based toolchain for Windows using
the MinGW runtime. Since the MinGW runtime kind of expects to be built by
gcc I figured the easiest way forward would be to use lld in ld mode.
However, it seems that lld cannot produce windows executables while working
in “ld mode”.
lld -flavor gnu -m i386pe
error: unsupported emulation 'i386pe’.

Is support for i386pe in ld mode something that is on the road map for lld
or should I just give up this route?

In general I would very much appreciate  if anyone has any pointers for how
to build a llvm/clang/libxx toolchain for Windows using MinGW runtime (the
end goal being to have a toolchain free from GNU tools and without the
dependency on Visual Studio).

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