[llvm-dev] Can lit be upgraded to assume Python 2.7?

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> >> Great! I'll circle around to this at some point. Despite the "obvious"
> >> nature of it I still am wary of underestimating the cruftiness of the
> >> buildbots, so I'll probably do it some time at night when the bots are
> >> mostly green so that I can easily see if any bots *are* broken by this.
> >
> > While at it, can you call "env python2" in the shebang line? It makes
> > it a lot easier for Python3 systems, like Arch.
> I don't think darwin installs anything with the name python2.

It is possible to create a script that is both valid shell and Python that
will e.g. invoke `which` to find the appropriate python binary and execute
it. See https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/file/5e0140b6d118/mach for
an example. With a little tweaking, you could have it search for multiple
pythonX.Y binaries and pick the most appropriate one.
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