[llvm-dev] X86 assembler cannot jump NEAR?

Jun Koi via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Feb 26 21:00:54 PST 2016


Currently X86 assembler seems to always compile "jmp _label" as a SHORT
jump with "EB" opcode:

$ echo "jmp _label"|llvm-mc -assemble -triple=i386 -show-encoding
    jmp    _label                  # encoding: [0xeb,A]

My question is: can X86 assembler supports NEAR jump with opcode "E9"?
I try with "near" keyword, but it is not accepted:

$ echo "jmp near _label"|llvm-mc -assemble -triple=i386 -show-encoding
<stdin>:1:10: error: unexpected token in argument list
jmp near _label

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