[llvm-dev] RFC: Move the test-suite LLVM project to GitHub?

John Criswell via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Feb 24 13:26:05 PST 2016

Dear Chandler,

First, can you articulate why you want to move the test suite to 
Github?  Is it taking up too much space, or is there some other problem 
that you're trying to solve?  I think you clearly explain why moving the 
revision history isn't necessary, but it's not clear to me what problem 
you are trying to solve.

Second, if we move the revision history to Github, it would be nice to 
archive the existing Subversion history somewhere (e.g., leave it on 
llvm.org but disable commit access to it).  The test suite has been used 
in numerous research papers, so keeping the revision history around is 
good practice.  We should only delete the Subversion revision history if 
keeping it around is just too onerous.

Third, I assume your plan is to continue to track changes on Github. Is 
that correct?

As long as there's a good reason to do it and the existing Subversion 
history isn't deleted, I don't see a problem with the change.


John Criswell

On 2/24/16 3:57 PM, Chandler Carruth via llvm-dev wrote:
> Subject kinda says it all. Here is my rationale:
> The test-suite is really weird relative to the rest of the LLVM project:
> 1) It contains all manner of crazily licensed code.
> 2) We don't really care about the history at all. Any concerns around 
> linear history or bisection are pretty much irrelevant.
> 3) We don't ever plan to have LLVM code move into or out from the 
> test-suite
> 4) Its already big, and really should be much bigger. We shouldn't 
> have incentives to keep stuff out of the test suite because of size, 
> hosting cost, or anything else.
> For all of these reasons, and also because I'd like to see how well 
> (or rather, how poorly) a service like GitHub actually works for the 
> project, it seems like splitting the test-suite out of the current 
> subversion repository and moving it there is the right call.
> When I chatted with folks on the board, this made sense to them as 
> well, and I've made sure we have a reasonable LLVM organization set up 
> on GitHub and all the board members are on it: https://github.com/llvm 
> (I think only my membership is public at the moment).
> There is still plenty to figure out about how to manage this on 
> github, but before doing anything else I just wanted to shoot an email 
> and see if folks like this idea.
> Thanks!
> -Chandler
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