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Wed Feb 24 09:28:38 PST 2016

This probably needs broader discussion.  We have an existing naming 
mechanism for polymorphic intrinsics; Elena is proposing a new one to 
avoid making the names for various load/store intrinsics particularly ugly.

My personal take:
1) I like the cleaner naming scheme.
2) I'm not sure the additional complexity is worth it.  (Not specific to 
the particular implementation proposed here.)
3) I have no strong preference other than that the @llvm.masked_load 
(and friends) intrinsics support alternate address spaces in some form 
in the near future.

What do others think?


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This is an alternative proposal for supporting address space in intrinsics. It's applicable for any intrinsic, not only masked-load-store.
Related to http://reviews.llvm.org/D17270

I this proposal I add non-zero address space suffix to intrinsic name. The original name looks like
The same name with address space 1 :

(I did not update documentation. I'll do this if the proposed change looks reasonable for reviewers ).

   rL LLVM



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