[llvm-dev] Oddity w/MachineBlockPlacement and Loops

Philip Reames via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Feb 23 17:19:50 PST 2016

I'm getting some odd behavior out of MBP and was hoping someone 
knowledge of the code might be able to give some guidance.  Fair 
warning, I'm trying to describe a problem in code I don't really 
understand, so if something doesn't make sense, assume I misunderstood 

The problematic case I'm seeing is that cold blocks are being placed 
between the preheader and header of a hot loop.  This has the result of 
adding a bunch of cold code spread through out the code rather than 
grouped all together at the end of the function.

 From what I can tell tracing through the code, the critical decision 
that goes wrong is when we're visiting the preheader after forming a 
(correct) chain for the loop itself.  When selecting a successor to 
merge with, we appear to not be considering the loop even though the 
loop hasn't been rotated and the header would be ideal for fallthrough.

In particular, we're printing the "(prob) (non-cold CFG conflict)" debug 
output message for the successor of the preheader which is the header.  
If I'm reading this code correctly, it's identifying the fact there's a 
global more important predecessor for the header (i.e. the latch block), 
but it doesn't seem to be account for the fact that the latch block has 
already been combined into the header's chain.  Unless I'm misreading 
something, we *should* be able to merge the loop chain with the 
preheader chain in it's entirety right?

At least one on example I've looked at, adding an early exit from 
BadCFGConflict loop when Pred and Succ are part of the same chain does 
appear to give the expected result, but I don't understand the code well 
enough to reason about whether that is generally a correct thing to do 
or not.


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