[llvm-dev] How to define data for X86 assembler?

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Wed Feb 17 10:33:51 PST 2016

You can good examples in llvm/test/MC/AsmParser.
I guess .ascii directive should do the job for you.

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Subject: [llvm-dev] How to define data for X86 assembler?

Is there any documentation on the syntax accepted by X86 assembler?
I have this code in my .asm file to define data:

    text db " google.lk<http://google.lk>"
But X86 assembler fails to understand it, with error:

    error: unexpected token in argument list
    text db " google.lk<http://google.lk>"

Any ideas how to fix this problem?
I tried to find some documentation on the syntax for X86 assembler, to no avail.
Thank you,
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