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On 2/8/16 9:39 AM, Mohammad Norouzi via llvm-dev wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to check if a variable belongs to the program originally. 
> Consider the following code line:
> y = x + 4
> and its corresponding llvm ir (roughly):
> %16 = load i32 %x
> %add = add i32 %16, i32 4
> store i32 %add, %y
> I need to distinguish between %16, %add and %x, %y.

You might be able to use the Debug information embedded within the LLVM 
IR to determine what is an original variable and what is a temporary 
added by LLVM.  However, I think that such an approach is fragile.

It sounds like you need to be analyzing Clang ASTs instead of LLVM IR.  
The Clang AST represents a program in its original source form, so you 
can tell what is a program variable, in what file it was defined, its 
original source type, etc.


John Criswell

> Any help is appreciated.
> Best,
> Mohammad
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