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Fri Feb 5 11:50:08 PST 2016

Hi folks, 


I'm looking for a developer to join my team in Austin to help develop linker
back ends for ARM and AArch64. Given that this is the LLVM dev list, I want
to be clear that the work involves close collaboration with our internal
LLVM teams so LLVM experience is a definite plus,  but it does not involve
direct development on LLVM. 


I'm ideally looking for someone with direct relevant experience, but I would
consider someone with a solid background in C/C++ development and a
willingness to learn about linkers. The job description is included below,
if you or someone you know might be interested, please send your resume to
me directly at mariog at quicinc.com <mailto:mariog at quicinc.com> . 







Job Id


Job Title

	Software Development Tools Engineer - ARM and Hexagon

Post Date



	 <http://www.qualcomm.com/about/businesses/quicinc> Qualcomm
Innovation Center 

Job Area

	Engineering - Software 


	Texas - Austin 

Job Overview

	We are looking for the right person to join our software tools
development team for Qualcomm's next-generation processors. Our focus is
ongoing development of a high performance tool chain used to build the code
that drives Qualcomm's various modem and applications processor
technologies. The right candidate will work on an optimizing linker for
multiple targets, with a focus on developing a linker back end for ARM 32-
and 64-bit targets. Responsibilities:

*  Work as part of a small team to design, develop, and deliver new features
on a proprietary linker used for Qualcomms embedded projects

*  Fix bugs in existing code as needed

*  Coordinate with internal remote ARM LLVM compiler team to: 

-          Establish and maintain an ARM test framework in Austin 

-          Assist with internal customer issue triage and resolution 

-          Deliver features in timeframe necessary to meet release

*  Communicate with internal customers to understand needs and gather

Minimum Qualifications

	5+ years of experience in the following areas are required:

*  Software development experience programming in C/C++, Python

*  Experience with ARM/AArch64 ISA, preferably direct experience with
software tools development

Preferred Qualifications

	Preferred skills:

*  Knowledge of embedded systems

*  Ability to work independently as well as within a team

*  Experience with modern software development practices and methodologies

*  Experience with building Android

*  Experience with ARM on-target debug

*  Solid understanding of the ELF file format

*  Solid understanding of linkers and linker-related concepts: oSymbol
resolution oRelocations/Fixups oDynamic loading/linking oString merging
oGarbage collection oLinker scripts / scatter load files Preference given to
candidates with experience working with LLVM and related tools, as well as
experience developing software for use on both Windows and Linux.


Education Requirements

	Bachelors in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering required
Masters in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering preferred


	LLVM, linker, binutils, software developer



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