[llvm-dev] help on writing a new scheduler

fateme Hoseini via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Feb 2 08:59:35 PST 2016

I want to write a new scheduler for llvm. I am a beginner and I will
appreciate your ideas and opinions on how to write it.
This scheduler should find the last store instruction in each basic block
and tries to schedule as many instruction as possible before that specific
instruction.It means, some instructions have data dependency with store and
they have to be scheduled before store or after it . But there are some
instructions that can be scheduled either before or after the store
instruction. I need my scheduler to schedule them before the store
instruction. In other words, it's a greedy scheduler which tries to
schedule as many instruction as possible before the last store instruction
in a basic block.
I am trying to understand how LLVM scheduler works by reading through the
ScheduleDAG, ScheduleDAGNodes, and ScheduleDAGFast codes, but they are very
complicated and I don't seem to find any document on the scheduler details.
Is the path that I'm taking a good way to understand how to write a
scheduler?Do I have to write a scheduler from scratch or is it better to
modify an existing scheduler?
Thanks for your help,
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