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> > I don't have much of substance to add, but I will say that I like the
> > proposal (I too prefer Alternative A).
> I also prefer alternative A.

Same here: +1 to A.

it makes it easier to support virtual ISAs. For targets such as WebAssembly
we don't know ahead-of time what's atomic but we make certain assumptions
(e.g. atomic_flag has to be sufficiently sized to be lock-free). As David
pointed out this means that _Atomic and std::atomic have to be
"sufficiently sized" e.g. sizeof(T) == sizeof(std::atomic<T>) isn't
guaranteed (the guarantee is also there for other academic reasons, but I
don't think they matter in this case).

Another consideration: we want to get the atomic optimizations, which
option B would forbid because the middle-end would see libcalls instead of

Also, I'd like LLVM to eventually be able to patch code at load-time and
transform maybe-lock-free operations into the proper instruction or libcall.

Related to always lock-free: wg21.link/n4509
Note that C has macros that return never / sometimes / always lock-free.
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