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I am trying to update the initializer of a global value and I have encounter two issues:

The first one is that I can not change the type of the global value. Let say that I have the following variable: @.str = private unnamed_addr constant [6 x i8] c”Test0A\00", align 1

How can I change the ”Test0A\00” to ”OtherTest0A\00”. Is this possible? I know that you can change the initializer with setInitializer but the global value’s type will not be the same.

For now, the only way I found was to create a new global value and to change all theses uses.

The second problem that I have is with the function Verifier::visitGlobalVariable. Sometimes, the verifier tells me that the initializer type does not match the global variable type even when this is the case.

 This function will do the following check: 

if (GV.hasInitializer()) {
    Assert(GV.getInitializer()->getType() == GV.getType()->getElementType(),
           "Global variable initializer type does not match global "
           "variable type!",

But I did not find any overload for the comparator operator (in the type class). So this will only check if the addresses of the type are the same and not if this is the same type.

To have the same type, I need to create the initializer with the same context as the global variable:

LLVMContext &C = gv->getContext();
ConstantDataArray *data = cast<ConstantDataArray>(ConstantDataArray::getString(C, ref, false));       

Is this normal? I am missing something?


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