[llvm-dev] RFC: A cross platform way of using shell commands in lit tests

Greg Bedwell via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Aug 16 10:09:36 PDT 2016

> Anecdotally, most of the times I've seen people add "REQUIRES: shell" on
> a test they really meant "disable on windows". I think/hope that's
> usually temporary while they investigate problems, but it might explain
> why so many tests say they require shell when they don't.
In at least one case I can think of
("clang/test/Format/style-on-command-line.cpp") the "REQUIRES: shell" is
there to work around annoying intermittent failures on Windows where 'rm'
was failing with permission denied errors just occasionally enough to be a
problem.  I've definitely seen this happen in a number of other places
previously although I can't think whether this affects any other lit tests
off-hand, but I know that personally I've had to implement 'robust rm'
(basically, keep on trying until the error goes away on its own) on Windows
in a number of different systems to work around this sort of problem
before.  Replacing gnuwin32 with something where we could easily implement
something like 'robust <cmd>' versions for Windows when we encounter these
sorts of issues would be fantastic, so I'm definitely in favour of removing
the dependency.

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