[llvm-dev] CFI error with binutils 2.27

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Sun Aug 7 03:28:49 PDT 2016

Copying Keith, the ARM dwarf expert. :-)


On 6 Aug 2016 5:39 p.m., "Richard Pennington via llvm-dev" <
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:If I compile this file with debugging enabled (clang/LLVM TOT)

int main()

I get the error

Error: inconsistent uses of .cfi_sections

>From the 2.27 binutils assemblers. It seems that 2.27 doesn't like the

.cfi_sections .debug_frame

directive following previous .cfi directives. The assemblers seem to be
happy if the .cfi_sections directive precedes any other .cfi directive. Is
this a bug in binutils or LLVM? It looks as if a fix might be to move the
generation of the .cfi_sections directive from endModule() to somewhere
else (maybe a non-existant beginModule()?).

Could someone give me some hints about what the right approach might be? It
looks as if the ARM code generator might need special handling also since
it appears to emit the .cfi_sections directive itself.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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