[llvm-dev] segv inside loop on x86_64

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Mon Oct 26 21:46:06 PDT 2015


  One of my test cases is throwing a segv on x86_64 linux using llvm 3.7.
I cant see what is wrong unless its an alignment problem causing stack
corruption. Its a simple naive absolute value calculation inside a loop
which crashes after about 500000 iterations.

Here is the IR.

; Function Attrs: nounwind uwtable
define void @Main__TestProb() #0 {
  %i = alloca i64, align 8
  %j = alloca i64, align 8
  store i64 0, i64* %j, align 8
  store i64 1, i64* %i, align 8
  br label %label_1

label_1:                                          ; preds = %label_2, %entry
  %v.87 = load i64, i64* %i, align 8
  %abs_icmp = icmp slt i64 %v.87, 0
  %itetmp = alloca i64
  br i1 %abs_icmp, label %abs_then, label %abs_else

abs_then:                                         ; preds = %label_1
  %abs_ineg = sub nsw i64 0, %v.87
  store i64 %abs_ineg, i64* %itetmp
  br label %abs_end

abs_else:                                         ; preds = %label_1
  store i64 %v.87, i64* %itetmp
  br label %abs_end

abs_end:                                          ; preds = %abs_else,
  %abs_load = load i64, i64* %itetmp
  store i64 %abs_load, i64* %j, align 8
  %v.871 = load i64, i64* %i, align 8
  %add = add nsw i64 1, %v.871
  store i64 %add, i64* %i, align 8
  br label %label_2

label_2:                                          ; preds = %abs_end
  %v.872 = load i64, i64* %i, align 8
  %icmp = icmp sge i64 600000, %v.872
  br i1 %icmp, label %label_1, label %else_1

else_1:                                           ; preds = %label_2
  br label %label_3

label_3:                                          ; preds = %else_1
  ret void

compiles ok with stock llc

Here's the generated assembly

.globl Main__TestProb
.align 16, 0x90
.type Main__TestProb, at function
Main__TestProb:                         # @Main__TestProb
# BB#0:                                 # %entry
pushq %rbp
.cfi_def_cfa_offset 16
.cfi_offset %rbp, -16
movq %rsp, %rbp
.cfi_def_cfa_register %rbp
subq $16, %rsp
movq $0, -16(%rbp)
movq $1, -8(%rbp)
.align 16, 0x90
.LBB8_1:                                # %label_1
                                        # =>This Inner Loop Header: Depth=1
movq -8(%rbp), %rcx
movq %rsp, %rax
addq $-16, %rax
movq %rax, %rsp
testq %rcx, %rcx
jns .LBB8_3
# BB#2:                                 # %abs_then
                                        #   in Loop: Header=BB8_1 Depth=1
negq %rcx
.LBB8_3:                                # %abs_else
                                        #   in Loop: Header=BB8_1 Depth=1
movq %rcx, (%rax)
movq (%rax), %rax
movq %rax, -16(%rbp)
movq -8(%rbp), %rax
incq %rax
movq %rax, -8(%rbp)
cmpq $600001, %rax           # imm = 0x927C1
jl .LBB8_1
# BB#4:                                 # %label_3
movq %rbp, %rsp
popq %rbp
.size Main__TestProb, .Lfunc_end8-Main__TestProb

It crashes at movq %rcx,(%rax)

Any clues as to what I am doing wrong?

Regards Peter
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