[llvm-dev] Cross Compiling CompilerRT

Jan Tlatlik via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Oct 26 02:21:28 PDT 2015


I would like to build CompilerRT (builtins) for our architecture from an 
x86 host archticture.
However, in the main CMakeLists.txt file it says:

# An important constraint of the build is that it only produces libraries
# based on the ability of the host toolchain to target various platforms.

Does that mean I would have to compile clang + LLVM with x86 and our own 
architecture as
configured targets first and do a subsequent build to be able to cross 
compile CompilerRT?
Or is there an easier way to bring compilerRT to build it for our CPU?

Jan Tlatlik

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