[llvm-dev] BOF on Performance tracking and benchmarking infrastructure

Kristof Beyls via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sat Oct 24 08:44:38 PDT 2015


We'll be running a BoF session on Performance tracking and benchmarking 
infrastructure at the LLVM developer's meeting next week. Similar BoFs 
in previous years have been very helpful in raising, discussing and 
refining the best ideas for improving our infrastructure, especially LNT 
and the test-suite. Good progress has been made in the last year, which 
will be summarized as part of my presentation on the topic. However, 
there are still some chunky pieces of work that need to come together 
before we'll have an infrastructure that consistently produces clear 
actionable information when changes in the performance of generated code 
is detected.

We'd like to discuss what improvements or features we still need before 
we can very efficiently make use of llvm.org/perf specifically and 
LNT-based performance tracking in general.

With this email we'd like to start collecting specific topics that you'd 
like to discuss at the BoF, or any insights or experiences you've got 
with using LNT, the test-suite or other infrastructure to track 
performance or related metrics.



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