[llvm-dev] "Living Downstream Without Drowning" BOF @ Dev Meeting

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I find the git imerge script extremely useful for this kind of situation.


Logically, it does something similar to rebasing your local branch onto
EVERY commit in the upstream branch, in turn, until it finds conflicts.
There is cleverness to make this efficient, let you stop and restart the
merge, share intermediate state with others, build&test intermediate
results (automatically if you want). At the end of the process you can
choose to keep the intermediate commits that are the same as the result of
a "git merge" or a "git rebase" or a new feature the author calls "rebase
with history" that keeps the original branch too and makes each rebased
commit have the corresponding commit in the original branch as a parent.

On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 8:52 PM, Robinson, Paul via llvm-dev <
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> Mike Edwards and I will be hosting a talk/BOF called "Living Downstream
> Without Drowning" which is for anyone maintaining a bunch of local changes
> to Clang/LLVM/etc.  We will present some procedures and tactics we've
> evolved
> at Sony, including patch tactics for reducing merge pain, and how we are
> throwing automation at the problem.
> But we are really curious what YOU have done and what we can learn from
> each
> other, so we can all manage to keep from drowning under the flood of
> changes
> from upstream!
> --paulr
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