[llvm-dev] Support/COFF.h NumberOfSections size-mismatch inside "header"-struct

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> Hello everyone,
> while working on a simple PE-Parser, using the llvm/Support/COFF.h Header,
> to validate if a given File is a PE-File and to read the Machine Field I
> was experiencing some troubles.
> It seemed the Fields were somehow misaligned and I could pinpoint the
> source of the misalignment to be the "NumberOfSections" field inside the
> "header"-struct (a.k.a. IMAGE_FILE_HEADER in winnt.h).
> It is defined as "int32_t" in COFF.h, while in winnt.h it is defined as
> "WORD" and in the "Microsoft Portable Executable and Common Object File
> Format Specification", which is also cited on top of the COFF.h, also
> defines the Field to be 2 Bytes in Size.
> A simple change to "uint16_t" did the trick.
> Correct me if I am wrong, or if I was using it wrongly somehow.


The contents of Support/COFF.h are intended to be useful as a temporary,
in-memory, representation for LLVM's COFF writing implementation.  It is
not intended to be layout compatible with the bytes inside of a COFF file.
Layout compatible COFF types are defined in Object/COFF.h

> Kind Regards
> Roman
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