[llvm-dev] RFC: Second draft of an LLVM Community Code of Conduct

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> Am 18.10.2015 um 05:24 schrieb Pasi Parviainen via llvm-dev:
> > On 14.10.2015 23:36, Chandler Carruth via llvm-dev wrote:
> >> * **Be careful in the words that you choose.** We are a community of
> >>    professionals, and we conduct ourselves professionally. Be kind to
> >> others. Do
> >
> > What kind of professionals?
> In this context, I interpret "professional" to mean "we take this
> seriously", not "we make a living off it" nor "we have taken an exam"
> (neither of which is actually required).

As this is a *code of conduct* rather than *criteria for membership*
and in fact I have observed serious welcoming to students and other
amateurs, perhaps just drop the "we are" part and stick with just the
"we conduct ourselves..." part.

>  > Professional boxers perhaps?
> That's exaggerating the wording, trying to lead it ad absurdum; it's a
> direct rhethoric attack, so your opponent has to deal with the feeling
> of being attacked.
> Also, it withholds the actual argument, so you're putting your opponent
> into an unclear situation, which causes stress.
> That's a good tactics to derail an opponent, but not a good one to
> cooperate towards a common goal.
> It's not a terribly damaging pattern, but it's one of the patterns that
> should be avoided. It's "unprofessional" in the sense that it distracts
> from the professional pursuit of building and improving one of the best
> compiler backends around.
> Not that it's terribly damaging or anything, I'm certainly not telling
> off anybody for that! Only if they make a habit out of using it, that is.
> Regards,
> Jo
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