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> On 16/10/15 15:06, David Chisnall wrote:
> *LLVM does not allow nested instructions*.  Functions contain basic blocks, basic blocks contain instructions.  Instructions *refer to* other values as operands.  *These values are either local registers (other instructions)*, global values, or constant expressions.  Constant expressions can only refer to globals or other constant expressions (and then, only to the address of the global, which is a constant, not to its value).
> The language of LLVM allows an *operand* (as it is a Value) to refer to
> an Argument, Basic Block , User (-> Constant, *Instruction*, Operator).
> So, an operand of an instruction can be an instruction. But, doesn't this
> mean that we CAN have an "inlined" instruction inside another one?!
> How can we say that LLVM doesn't allow nested instructions?!
> Sorry, if I miss something here, but this confuses me.

Sorry to cause confusion, what David says is entirely correct: If the
operand to an instruction is another instruction, that is never directly
the operand, but the result of that instruction is passed as the operand


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