[llvm-dev] RFC: Introducing an LLVM Community Code of Conduct

Robinson, Paul via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Oct 13 08:43:06 PDT 2015

> Also, the problem with enumerating all the inacceptable behaviour is
> that the text tends to become TL;DR. Which means permanent discomfort: I
> never fully read the rules, so I'm never fully sure that I'm not
> violating the CoC, nor am I sure whether others violate it.
> In terms of size and complexity, the proposed CoC is shorter than the
> typical bulletin board CoC, so it's not bad; however, it think it could
> be made more compact.

Compactness is a definite virtue. I remember attending a very successful
series of science-fiction conventions years ago, where the only formally 
stated conduct policy was "You kill it, you eat it."  More extensive
elaboration was deemed to be too prone to over-interpretation by people
trying to get away with stuff, without actually providing useful guidance.

As a year-round 95% online community, rather than a weekend convention
with dozens of physically present staff, LLVM probably does need something
a bit more detailed, but if the basic statement can't be reduced to a 
screenful or so then it's too much.

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