[llvm-dev] RFC: Introducing an LLVM Community Code of Conduct

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> > Your report will still be kept confidential exactly as above, but also
> > feel free to (anonymously if needed) email conduct at llvm.org if
> needed.
> I have slight reservations towards this. A general conduct email is good,
> but there are cases where you would like to contact individuals.
> This is for example, when the report goes against a member of the conduct
> team itself or the LLVM core team - for the reporter, it is intransparent
> whether that person is included in (contact at llvm.org) or if they are
> openly,
> might resort from reporting.

I expect the members of the committee monitoring the list to be public. I
would not expect others to have any access to the reports -- that is the
specific intent of these remaining confidential.

We could add more direct contact instructions as the actual advisory
committee takes shape. We will also have additional contact information
specific to any major event (like the developer's meeting) where staff can
be involved and help facilitate. I'm also (of course) open to other
specific suggestions about how to better facilitate people reporting issues.

This is not a constructed thing, I had such cases.

I absolutely believe that.

> I can also recommend the approach taken by cfgmgmtcamp.eu, which provides
> contacts to people outside of the organisation in case of issues.

It's not clear these are strictly outside the organization, but certainly
outside the specific staff of the event. We can and should ensure that
there are clear non-overlapping members of these different groups (staff at
events, advisory committee members, etc.) which should aid in ensuring
people can find someone to report issues to.
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