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Thu Oct 8 15:50:12 PDT 2015

Woo! Thanks Chris and Daniel!


On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 3:33 PM Chris Matthews via llvm-dev <
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> I am happy to announce we are contributing one of our favorite internal
> tools: llvm bisect!
> First: I want to thank Daniel Dunbar for writing all the code for this
> tool, and Google for providing cloud storage and bandwidth to host it!
> We keep the compilers we build in the Green Dragon CI cluster, and now
> upload them to the Google Storage Cloud.  The llvmlab bisect tool, takes
> those compilers and allows you to quickly bisect on a predicate.  Instead
> of compiling those compilers again, the tool downloads them from the
> cloud.  The tool allows you to down download and run compilers, or bisect
> on a range of commits with a predicate.   Example, find where a crash
> started:
> $ llvmlab bisect bash -c "%(path)s/bin/clang -c crashy.c”
> FAIL: clang-r219899-t2014-10-15_21-42-48-b809
> FAIL: clang-r219778-t2014-10-15_06-18-17-b787
> FAIL: clang-r219773-t2014-10-14_21-18-07-b779
> FAIL: clang-r219746-t2014-10-14_17-01-07-b775
> FAIL: clang-r219739-t2014-10-14_16-09-35-b771
> FAIL: clang-r219729-t2014-10-14_15-21-29-b757
> clang-r219719-t2014-10-14_14-46-50-b756: first working build
> clang-r219729-t2014-10-14_15-21-29-b757: next failing build
> Grab the most recent compiler from a build:
> $ llvmlab fetch "clang-stage1-configure-RA_build”
> downloaded root: clang-r249752-b13228.tar.gz
> extracted path : clang-r249752-b13228
> For this initial release, I am uploading the ~18000 compilers produced on
> Green Dragon, which span the last 8 months of builds. As well, all new
> builds on Green Dragon upload their compilers right away.  These are Darwin
> compilers, in release asserts and release + LTO configurations.  More
> configurations will be made available soon, including ASANified compilers
> and release branch compilers.
> The tool is in the zorg repo, in the llvmbisect directory. You install it
> like a regular python program.  There are extensive docs with many examples
> included.
> I invite other bot owners to to upload their compilers as well.  You will
> need the Google Storage tool installed on your bot, as well as an account.
> Contact me if you are interested, and I can help you get setup.
> Happy bisecting!
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