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> > Excellent! I have some spare hardware that I can use for experimental
> builders.
> >
> > But, this being Jenkins, I suspect you'll need to push the jobs
> > through, rather than me pulling them like buildbots. For that, I'll
> > need some firewall configurations.
> This can be done with buildbot or Jenkins. Both platforms support it.
> It is a huge amount of work to port jobs to Jenkins, so that is not to
> be taken lightly.  This might be a good discussion to have at the
> conference, either way there is going to be some work to change
> configurations and link things up.
> A simple buildbot specific fix is to just switch some of our bots to
> manual only launches. Then use curl commands at the end of other builds
> to tigger them.    That is even possible to do between Jenkins and
> buildbot.  That might be a quick and dirty way to phase some builds.

Wouldn't the "Triggering Schedulers" feature of buildbot be ideal for
this - e.g. see http://docs.buildbot.net/0.8.4p2/Triggering-Schedulers.html?
If I understand the documentation correctly, the need to explicitly list the
long-running slaves on the trigger step of the fast-build slave seems less
than ideal though. I'm also not sure if this would allow a slow slave to
wait on a successful build of multiple fast-running slaves. But maybe that's
overkill - just waiting on one well-chosen fast builder would already give
us most of the benefit?



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