[llvm-dev] Adding a function attribute with an argument

Tehila Mayzels via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Oct 8 00:02:15 PDT 2015



I'm trying to add a function attribute to clang/llvm.

I need an attribute that will have an additional information of a variable

e.g. I would like to add support for something like:


void foo() __attribute__ ((xyz(v)) {.}


such that on the IR stage I can realize that the function foo has the
attribute xyz and an argument v that  marks variable v (which is a variable
inside foo) for my needs.


I was able to add a function attribute without an argument, but I don't
understand how to parse/save/analyze the argument.


I would appreciate any ideas/examples/references.


Thanks a lot,




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