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This is about the best idea. There's no way to take the non-temporary md
nodes back to temporary.


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> Abstractly, (I don't get inside this code as much as I should) debug info
> works on a translation-unit basis, not a function basis, so regenerating a
> single function's debug info is not a natural or well-isolated operation.
> You might have to emit each function as its own LLVM module and re-JIT the
> module?
> People more deeply familiar with how the metadata stuff works might be
> able to offer better suggestions.
> --paulr
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> Hi all,
> I'm using the JIT capabilities of LLVM. But so far, I've been unable to
> use the debug capabilities of LLVM in conjunction with the JIT. The
> problematic scenario goes as follow :
>  - Emit some IR with debug infos.
>  - Install hooks to get back into some codepath that I do not wish to
> codegen at this stage.
>  - JIT the method. This require to finalize the DIBuilder to complete the
> emission of debug metadata.
>  - Later on, emit IR for some of the missing branches. Here the problem
> surface :
>     - Without debug infos, the codegen for this specific method can be
> invalidated and redone, all is fine.
>     - With debug infos, the metadata have been finalized already, and it
> doesn't seems that it is possible to revert this
> Is there a way to make that work ? If not, is there a patch I can work on
> to make that work ?
> Thank in advance,
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