[LLVMdev] Extending AsmPrinterHandler

Russell Hadley rhadley at microsoft.com
Wed May 13 15:50:09 PDT 2015

Thanks Eric,  the pointes are appreciated. ☺

I was a little put off by the documentation for metadata that said it could be dropped by LLVM at any time, as well as the extra assertion that the debug metadata was “special”.  Is there a reasonable expectation that added metadata will make it to encode? (or AsmPrinter?  I’m llvm jargon isn’t down yet) Is the debug metadata handled specially such that it has priority over other metadata? Also, if we go the separate metadata route, we’d need to extend all the debug helpers in the AsmPrinter to extract that data to a special section.  Is that what you’re suggesting?  In terms of correctness, not returning the debug info to CoreCLR only impacts debugging.  The executable will still run.  ☺



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Hi Russell,

Instead of hiding bits inside the debug metadata, why not just attach additional metadata to each instruction and look for that during emission? You'll probably want to take a look at how things like the vectorizer are taking advantage of metadata if you want to encode things. Then during your front end compilation for MSIL->LLVM IR you can just attach random metadata to some instructions. This does have the drawback that, theoretically at least, you can strip metadata from LLVM IR and get a working binary. If that's not the case for CoreCLR you might want to look into a way to overload some of the instructions or ... something. Or just require people not delete your metadata I guess.

Does this help?


On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 3:27 PM Russell Hadley <rhadley at microsoft.com<mailto:rhadley at microsoft.com>> wrote:
(background) The CoreCLR expects a JIT to produce a MSIL bytecode offset to code offset mapping annotated with a few extra bits denoting if it’s prolog/epilog, or it’s a call, or if there’s operands remaining on the MSIL virtual stack in some cases.  Our initial prototype has the MSIL offset stashed in the line number field.  We could stash the extra bits in the column info but that’s starting to feel too much like a hack.  We’re looking for a way to 1) extend the debug metadata to hold our info and get it dumped into the in memory object – a new section would be fine if it’s not too complicated. Or 2) a place to extract the data we need when we have both encoded offset and access to the instructions.  We’re looking for some advice.  ☺


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You could write the debug information you want into just a section in memory and have your external/alternate/other process/thread/etc pick it up on the other end? I don't see how the extra info you want to send is important here, you'd just be extending the existing debug support. Or I'm missing something at which point I'm not sure which additional questions to ask :)


On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 2:45 PM Michelle McDaniel <michelm at microsoft.com<mailto:michelm at microsoft.com>> wrote:
I work on the LLILC team, and we are trying to send debug line info through to the CoreCLR EE without using an EventListener because we need to send extra info (more than just available in DebugLoc) like if it’s a call instruction, a call site, etc. We thought extending AsmPrinterHandler would be useful since it seems to have information about debug locations, label offsets, and instruction specific information.

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We generally don't extend the AsmPrinter... can you be more specific about what you're trying to do?


On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 2:34 PM Michelle McDaniel <michelm at microsoft.com<mailto:michelm at microsoft.com>> wrote:
Hey everyone,

I’m looking into extending AsmPrinterHandler out of tree, to communicate information back to the CoreCLR EE, but all of the headers are in the lib directory. Is there any way to extend it out of tree, or is that not supported? The reason I’d like to do this out of tree is because we want to include clr headers as well, and we don’t want to introduce that into llvm sources.

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