[LLVMdev] unsupported GC: shadow-stack when using MCJIT

Hayden Livingston halivingston at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 22:42:12 PDT 2015

The erlang was a typo, I was trying things out.

I've updated the bug with a C program, which exhibits the problem.

To answer your question, given the IR you generated llc/opt does not

On Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 9:59 PM, Philip Reames <listmail at philipreames.com>

>  On 03/31/2015 09:52 PM, Philip Reames wrote:
>  Maybe it is because I'm using a package that makes an LLVM DLL for
> Windows.
>  The only reason why it show that error is if the static constructor for
> it didn't run, right? And I don't know why it would not run.
> I need to take a closer look at your bug report before I can really
> comment.
> Ok, I took a look.  Its hard for me to tell much from your report.  I
> don't have Visual Studios (or Windows for that matter) and can't easily
> reproduce.
> It would really help to know if this is a problem with the C bindings or
> the generated IR.  If you manually create the expected IR and run it
> through opt/llc, does that work?
> Can you include the full output of this example?  Both the IR and the
> error would be useful to see.
> One observation, it looks like you're using the erlang GC not shadow
> stack?  e.g.
> LLVM.SetGC(sum, "erlang");
> Philip
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