[LLVMdev] LTO, Code Generation Options, etc

Eric Christopher echristo at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 09:52:51 PDT 2015

>From PR18808 I said a few things and that I was going to redirect to the
mailing list for further discussion. So here we are, go.

1) Whether or not to allow changing of target-cpu/target-feature/triple at
link time code generation.

- Not convinced here of the facility to do so. Could just recompile the
individual bitcode files to get what you want, but there are some users
that are trying to ship bitcode (as crazy as that sounds).

2) How to pass other sorts of options to the backend for code generation

- -ffoo options -fno-foo options. I.e. -fno-inline, etc. I think this is
really pretty important from the user POV. It affects things at a more
global level.

3) The llvm developer debugging story

- It's useful for llvm developers to be able to more accurately debug a set
of IR using bisection or being able to turn off code generation options.
Should this be done at the command level (i.e. infrastructure that clang
and llc etc could even share), or should it be done at an llvm IR rewriting
level? Don't know. I kind of want a rewriter, but I'm not wedded to any
particular answer.

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