[LLVMdev] compiler-rt: AArch64 and IEEE quad-precision floating point

Ed Maste emaste at freebsd.org
Sun Mar 29 19:49:09 PDT 2015

As part of the FreeBSD/arm64 porting effort we've been looking into
the state of compiler-rt support for quad precision long double

I see that a decently large set of these functions exist, but AFAICT
there is no CMake or Makefile infrastructure in the tree to build
them. Are these being used by various projects' out-of-tree build
infrastructure at present, or am I just missing something?

The FreeBSD base system "buildworld" currently fails due to three
missing functions:

The first two look like they'd be fairly straightforward to implement.
I wonder though if it's feasible to rework the
float{,un}{s,d,t}i{s,d,x,t}f functions to share a common
implementation _impl.inc file as was done in r231965 for the other
(float->int) direction.
Of the 24 conversions compiler-rt currently lacks 6: floatditf,
floatsixf, floattitf, and the unsigned equivalents.

mul{s,d,x,t}c3 could also all share a common implementation file, and
it seems multc3 can be identical to mulxc3. I have a WIP patch
implementing that change, but would like to better understand the
background and thoughts on the approach first.

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