[LLVMdev] MCJIT finalizeObject output to use in external process

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Are you asking about the actual mechanism for transferring the bits into the remote process or how you locate the generated code in memory?

The mechanism for transferring the bits is outside the scope of MCJIT.  The easiest way to locate the generate code is to use a custom memory manager as lli does.  MCJIT will call the memory manager to allocate memory on a section-by-section basis.  You should treat each section as a monolithic block when copying to the remote system because the generated code may depend on relative offsets staying fixed.


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Aha. Thanks.

Seems like I need to call mapSectionAddress with the target address. But how I copy the code? What function would I call?

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Yes, that is one of the intended use models for MCJIT.

If you look at the source for ‘lli’ you’ll find an option called “remote-mcjit” which does exactly this (for testing purposes).

The key function (which in the lli case is called from lli’s RemoteMemoryManager::notifyObjectLoaded method) is ExecutionEngine::mapSectionAddress.  This function tells MCJIT to reapply relocations to the loaded object as if it were loaded at a different address in memory than it actually is.  The client is responsible for the particulars of allocating memory in the remote process, determining the address of the memory in the remote process’ address space and (after calling mapSectionAddress) copying the JIT’d object to the remote process memory and setting the memory attributes as needed for execution.


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A need has arisen to generate code using MCJIT but not in the target process instead in a different process (and possibly even different machine though not in the scope).

Reading through the tutorials and MCJIT design document, it seems like this is possible or was kept in mind during design of MCJIT.

How do I achieve this? Are there examples?


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