[LLVMdev] LLVM Parallel IR

Andrey Bokhanko andreybokhanko at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 16:50:09 PDT 2015

These discussions bring back memories... :-)

I suggest everyone who is looking into extending LLVM IR to express
parallel semantic to read the list archives from September and October of


looking for all threads with "OpenMP" in their names.

Some things were discussed extensively back then; for example, this
proposal from Kevin:

I understand that parallelism is a very invasive concept and introducing it
> into a so far "sequential" IR will cause severe breakage and headaches.
> But I
> am afraid that if we accept parallelism as being a first class citizen,
> then I
> would prefer doing it as a core part of the IR.  One possibility to do this
> gradually might also be to have a seperate, parallel, IR, say PIR, that
> will be
> lowered to regular IR at some point (however this point is chosen).
> Existing
> optimizations can then be gradually moved from the regular IR phase to the
> phase where appropriate and useful.  Nevertheless I do not propose to do
> such a
> thing in LLVM right now. I think this might be an option for a (bigger)
> research project at first.

was already refuted by Chris:

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