[LLVMdev] Live variable analysis

Victor Campos vhscampos at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 06:40:41 PDT 2015

There is a liveness analysis inside Utils/PromoteMemoryToRegister.cpp. Take
a look into the ComputeLiveInBlocks function.

I just used the same algorithm in my project as well.


2015-03-25 9:25 GMT-03:00 kharchenko <kharchenko at ispras.ru>:

> Hi, I'm writing an LLVM pass for my research. As the part of that pass I
> need to find all live variables at the entry point of basic block and
> replace all usages of that variables, which are "lower" than that block
> (usages in successors of the block, in successors of successors and so on).
> Is there any suitable analysis for finding live variables at the entry
> point of the block and for determining if basic block is situated "lower"
> than some other block?
> Thanks,
> Natasha Kharchenko
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