[LLVMdev] multithreading and the JIT, specifically llvm::sys::Memory

Dale Martin Dale.Martin at mathworks.com
Mon Mar 23 11:59:59 PDT 2015

> I didn't look into it, but the bug's description states this only happens when LLVM is built by a pre-C++11 compiler. Trunk requires C++11 these days, so is this fix even relevant anymore?

We're seeing this bug on win64, where we're building with Visual 2012.  I don't know if you'd count it as a pre-C++11 compiler or not, or for that matter, how one would count Visual 2013, which is more C++-11 compliant but still incomplete in its support.  We're considering if it is worth investigating locally applying the patch or if this is just the tip of the iceberg.


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