[LLVMdev] [cfe-dev] [RFC] When can libc++ "officially" support linux?

Hal Finkel hfinkel at anl.gov
Fri Mar 20 07:23:45 PDT 2015

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> > 2. We need to clarify how libstdc++ and libsupc++ can be used as
> > libc++'s ABI library and explicitly define the level of support for
> > these configurations. Are there any people using this
> > functionality?
> > These configurations have been broken for GCC >= 4.9.2 and I
> > haven't
> > heard any complaints. I would like to drop these configurations all
> > together.
> I'm currently using the configuration where libc++ builds on top of
> libstdc++ (specifically, the version from GCC 4.7.2). I have
> vendor-provided static libraries that I need to link against
> (although only use via a C API) that were compiled against
> libstdc++. Please don't drop that configuration.
> +1
> So, I at least misread this, and maybe you did as well Hal.
> I think what needs to work is allowing a binary library to be linked
> into an application built with libc++ while that library uses
> libstdc++.
> Eric pointed out to me that this doesn't actually require building
> libc++ "on top of" libstdc++. libc++abi and libsupc++ are supposed
> to be ABI-compatible. It should be possible to use libc++,
> libc++abi, and libstdc++ (without libsupc++).

Okay, I think this is the point of misunderstanding here. How do you use libstdc++ without libsupc++? On my system, while I do have a separate libsupc++.a, the contents of that archive are also included in libstdc++.a. This is true both on my BG/Q toolchains (using GCC 4.7.2), and also on a Fedora 19 system (using GCC 4.8.3) I just checked.

Thanks again,

> This is the use case I
> personally have and I think it is likely the primary use case people
> will have on linux. There shouldn't be any technical reason to need
> to use libsupc++ for the ABI components, whether bundled inside
> libstdc++ or on its own. Hal, do you actually need that
> configuration?
> If no one needs libsupc++ specifically, then I think it would be fine
> to rely completely on libc++ and libc++abi going together on Linux
> as long as we routinely test that linking libstdc++ into the mix
> continues to work and can correctly use libc++abi's implementation
> bits.

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